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Stripes is distributed under the [Apache License (Version 2)|] (older versions of Stripes were released under the [LGPL|] and are still available under that license).

The current version of Stripes is *1.5.67*. For details of what changed between versions please refer to the [Release Notes|].

h2. Stripes Downloads

There are three separate distribution files for Stripes:
# The regular (non-source) distribution includes the compiled version of Stripes, the Examples application and minimal library dependencies. It also includes source-code for Stripes and the examples, but _not a build environment_. *This is the recommended download for new Stripes users.* *[Download|]* *[Download|]*
# The bundle is the right choice for developers who already used Stripes and just want the latest release for their web application. It contains the current Stripes library jar and a separate source jar for being used in your IDE. Read the [Dependencies|Download#Library dependencies] section to see what libraries Stripes also needs. *This is the recommended download for experienced developers.* *[Download|]* *[Download|]*
# Due to the desire to keep the distribution light and the size of some of the compile-time dependencies a third, source, distribution is also available. This distribution includes the Stripes source, the build environment and all build dependencies. *This is the recommended download for developers that need to build Stripes on their own machine.* *[Download|]* *[Download|]*

The latest *JavaDoc* is browsable [here|].