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Stripes IDE plugins

Libraries Built With Stripes

  • Gripes - Stream-lined development with the Stripes Framework using Groovy and Gradle
  • Stripes Injection Enricher - Satisfy injection points specified declaratively using @EJB, @Inject and @Resource standard Java EE annotations
  • Stripes XSS Interceptor - Stripes XSS Sanitizer. Follows the XSS (Cross Site Scripting) security guidance posted at OWASP
  • Stars - Enables seamless integration with JPA, Spring, EJB and Stars service seamlessly via annotation configuration
  • Stripes Stuff - A collection of Stripes plugins, including Stripersist, the successor to Stripernate; a security plugin; a JavaScript library for client-side validation; and more
  • syracus-stripes - an extension to allow the seamless lookup of Resolution paths (generally views) from localized bundles
  • Woko - POJOs on the Web!  Full stack, Domain Driven framework.

Web Sites Built With Stripes

Web Application Build With Stripes

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