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Welcome to Stripes!

Stripes is a presentation framework for building web applications using the latest Java technologies. The main driver behind Stripes is that web application development in Java is just too much work! It seems like every existing framework requires gobs of configuration. Struts is pretty feature-light and has some serious architectural issues (see Stripes vs. Struts for details). Others, like WebWork 2 and Spring-MVC are much better, but still require a lot of configuration, and seem to require you to learn a whole new language just to get started.

Stripes 1.5.7 Released, May 17, 2012
Stripes 1.5.7 is available for download. This release provides several bug fixes and enhancements over release 1.5.6. Take a look at the Release Notes or get it now from the Download page.
Stripes Book now available, July 23 2008
Stripes ...and Java web development is fun again is now available from The Pragmatic Programmers.

Goals of Stripes

     Make developing web applications in Java easy
     Provide simple yet powerful solutions to common problems
     Make the Stripes ramp up time for a new developer less than 30 minutes
     Make it really easy to extend Stripes, without making you configure every last thing

Key Features

     Zero external configuration per page/action (ActionBeans are auto-discovered, and configured using annotations)
     Powerful binding engine that will build complex object webs out of the request parameters
     Easy to use (and localized) validation and type conversion system
     Localization system that works even when you use direct JSP->JSP links
     Ability to re-use ActionBeans as view helpers
     Ridiculously easy to use indexed property support
     Built in support for multiple events per form
     Transparent file upload capabilities
     Support for incremental development (e.g. you can build and test your JSP before even thinking about your ActionBean)
     And a lot of built in flexibility that you only have to be aware of when you need to use it

Stripes aims to provide an experience similar to owning Apple hardware, Sony TVs and luxury German cars (without the price premium); things just work, they feel right and every now and again you get that "oh, it does that too? awesome!" feeling.

So, take a look at the links over on the left. If this is your first time here you might want to take a look at the Quick Start Guide. Or perhaps just the Documentation.

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